The Rogallo Foundation
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The Board of Directors of the Rogallo Foundation has approved a long-range plan to build a Rogallo Museum, located on North Carolina's Outer Banks, near the Wright Brothers Memorial. This Museum will reflect the highest caliber of design and exhibits, reflecting the significant contributions of the Rogallo's to aviation; their inventions; and. their incredible story. The Museum will be dedicated to the development, enthusiasm, adventures, and excitement of the worldwide sports of hang gliding, paragliding, flexible wing ultralighting, parachuting, and kiting. To assure that the Museum will meet certifiable standards and comply with the Museum Code of Ethics, the Rogallo Foundation has joined the American Association of Museums, an affiliate of the International Association of Museums.

It is estimated that land acquisition, structure design, and construction may approximate $5 million. The funding for this ambitious project will be raised through individual and corporate donations. Your support in the form of effort, time, or funding is welcome and needed. The Rogallo Membership Legacy Section explains opportunities for donations, gifts, and other expressions of support.

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