The Rogallo Foundation

Matt Taber

2016 Rogallo Hall of Fame Inductee

Congratulations to 2016 Rogallo Hall of Fame inductee, Matt Taber. Matt’s professional career in the recreation industry began in the ‘70s, teaching scuba. He later owned and operated his own dive shop here on the Outer Banks. It was then that he was recruited to become a hang gliding instructor at Kitty Hawk Kites, and his hang gliding industry career began. His experiences on Jockey’s Ridge ignited a lifelong passion for the sport.

Matt is now the owner and operator of Lookout Mountain Flight Park (LMFP) which he launched 36 years ago in the spring of 1980. His goal for the park was to create a hang gliding flight resort to attract pilots from around the world. Today, Matt is proud to say, LMFP creates more USHPA-rated hang glider pilots than any other school in North America, and has played an important role in key flight and safety training initiatives for the sport. LMFP is home to a large and vibrant pilot community and offers both foot launch and aerotow training.

Matt is a veteran hang glider competition pilot, USHPA master-rated pilot, has logged over 1,000 tandem pilot flights, is an FAA certified trike pilot, and is an FAA licensed pilot with over 1,000 logged hours.

In addition to his industry contributions through LMFP, Matt has enhanced the sport of hang gliding on a national level. He is the designer and manufacturer of a lightweight soaring trike, called the Skycycle, as well as designer and manufacturer of GT hang gliding harnesses. Matt is also the publisher of the USHPA official flight manual, and has served as region 10 USHPA Regional Director for almost 30 years creating and up holding industry standards for hang gliding in the the south east region of the US.

Without folks like Matt Taber, the sport of hang gliding would not be where it is today. Thank you, Matt, for your contributions to the betterment, safety, progress, recognition, promotion, growth, and development of the sport of hang gliding. “

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